About Me

My name is Maria.  I have been coaching people to better health and wellness for 3 years professionally and coaching my friends and family for years before that.  I decided to start this website because I want people to stop wasting their hard earned cash on all of the fat loss gimmicks that are out there.  It seems as though everywhere you turn there’s another “miracle” weight loss pill, wrap, juice, or plan promising quick results without any effort.  I want to debunk the myths and teach you how to get started on and continue down a path of health, wellness , and a better quality of life.


I have a deep passion for fitness and nutrition.  I approach it from a perspective of balance and moderation.  You don’t need to be starving yourselves thin, or spending hours upon hours on boring cardio machines.  You don’t need to cut carbs completely out of your diet, or fat either.  Food is not the enemy.  Exercise is not to be used as punishment.  What if I told you there was a way you could have your cake and eat it too?  Sound too good to be true?  Not when you are coming from a place of balance and moderation.


I am a busy mom to 5 adventure seeking children and a wife to a firefighter husband, as well as a personal trainer to many clients, a Health/Life coach, and I also have a successful Etsy shop (Chickadee Designs).  So when do I find the time to workout myself?  How do I make time to care for myself as well as 6 other people in my household?  It’s simple.  I work smarter and harder (intensity), not longer and not without a plan.


  The secret is to have a plan.  It must include a way to progress as you get stronger and faster so your body doesn’t adapt.  I understand it must be short, for who has hours to spend on working out everyday?  It must be fun so you will stick to it.  Who wants to dread their workouts everyday?  It must include a nutrition plan.  We all know that without proper fueling our hard work will never show.


That’s exactly what you get with Golden FitClub. An easy to follow sustainable plan with support and motivation. I will keep you accountable.


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